Like any baby, this one was born because of cheap booze and low standards…it’s just that…this one is so ugly…

…and so it became funny, because let’s face it, if you’re just gonna sit there and be ugly – you better have a sense of humor.

Ugly Baby Improv was started in Birmingham, AL (whoopty-what 205!) circa 2010 amongst a group of friends/rivals who wanted to try some of that long-form improv stuff seen from the likes of The Upright Citizens Brigade, specifically Assssscat.  All members of Ugly Baby have prior improvery under their belts and most have experience in other forms of performance; all felt qualified to make stuff up.  Thus it was decided by the council of three to form an improv group that would rock Birmingham’s foundation: UGLY BABY IMPROV.

Ugly Baby is so awesome, it’s hard to type.  This author has a cramp from typing the previous sentence.  Some awesome are they, Birmingham had trouble controlling mobs that demanded non-stop Baby Improv.  People jamming the street(s) with a thirst for Baby became a common sight.  Baby banners blazoned back-alleys and barristers bore the brunt of brutal Baby banter blatantly blaming the Baby for Birmingham’s bloblems.  After free Italian Ice was handed out to the masses the Great Baby Riots settled down into little more than a dustup at 3rd & 21st North. During this lull of peace, it was decided that Ugly Baby Improv Comedy should branch out to other metropolisisisses.  And they did!  Birmingham has become home base to a savage like improv group that could strike any town in America at any time.

Today, with recognition from the likes of Valhalla herself, Ugly Baby Improv has become the standard bearer for disturbingly good improv comedy.  With a variety of dudes and one beleaguered girl, UBI offers up a hip alternative to sitting around the house watching that Roomba.

The sociopaths of Birmingham’s hottest improv troupe want nothing more than a laughing audience.  Will you not come out and humor them?  Don’t be afraid of what you see on stage.  That’s all natural.  That’s all true.  That’s all real.  Trill.  That’s an Ugly Baby.




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