Can I do improv with you?

Maybe. Ugly Baby’s comedy style is carefully concocted using our secret formula. To maintain our quality performances we must remain very selective. If you do have experience with improv comedy, let us know. We’ll be offering classes soon, and that’s the real way to get ugly. In the meantime we suggest getting you and a few of your friends together and seeing where it goes (improv, that is). Then we will come to your shows!

Will you do improv at my bar mitzvah?

Yes! We will do your bar mitzvah, your baptismal, and the birth of your first-born child. However, we do want you to be aware of the nature of our shows. We are Birmingham’s ‘Rough’ Improv Comedy. We suggest coming to see a show before booking such events.

How old do you have to be to come to one of our shows?

Do your parents know you are on the Internet right now?!  Our shows are not for small minds, which means we don’t censor ourselves. We have a lot of fun and mean no harm to anyone, but viewer discretion is advised.

Is it really improv or do you write stuff beforehand?

Everything you see on stage is 100%, Grade A, Organic improvised comedy. We know what is happening at the very same moment you do. How special!

Will you perform at our company holiday party?

What’s that? “Can we PAY you to perform at our company holiday party?” Sure! Contact us if you are interested.

How can I get started in improv?

Come to our shows! All of them! Seriously, becoming a fan and immersing yourself into improv is a good start. Then, if you can find a group of people to get reeeeeal foolish with, get together and see what you come up with. There are several books and models **cough cough, Ugly Baby cough cough**  that can be a good guide for this. If you think what you’ve got is funny, put it to the test in front of complete strangers!

What type of improv do you perform?

The funny kind!

How do I get a t-shirt?

Come to a show and try your luck! We’re giving them away all the time. Otherwise if you see us, let us know and we will clothe you for a fee.



  1. I would love to get in contact with you guys and discuss having one of you guys coach/direct a troupe I am wanting to start. I’d love to know more about you guys and talk about these possibilities. Please send me an email.

  2. ASF in Montgomery wants to have a comedy contest night in Montgomery. Stand up, improv (short form style), and sketch are welcome, and there is a cash prize. I was one of the members of Brainfreeze so they have asked me to “Find Funny people”. They are thinking sometime in May. Mike knows me, please email.

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